What Nigerian President revealed to Super Eagles in Abuja

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President Muhammadu Buhari has told the Super Eagles of Nigeria that exclusive triumph at the anticipated World Cup in Russia will cheer Nigerians.

He additionally asked them to grasp reasonable play, including that they ought to show at the competition the brave soul which Nigerians are known for.

Buhari talked amid a gathering organized for the team at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Wednesday.

The President stated, "As you will speak to us in Russia, you should remember that you are not simply going for a competition.

"With each game, you should recollect that you are conveying the interests, feelings, and sentiments of more than 180 million individuals.

"Play reasonable and clean, however show the chivalrous soul which Nigerians are known for.

"Nothing joins Nigerians more than football and nothing will encourage the general population of Nigeria than for you to clear yourself decently by winning in Russia.

"You are the most youthful team in the competition which implies you are likely the most unpracticed team, a reality that won't be lost on your rivals. In any case, it is additionally something that you can use further bolstering your good fortune.

"You have the full help and the endowments of all Nigerians who will admire you for whatever length of time that the competition endures."

Buhari praised the Nigerian Football Federation for drawing up the correct program that is refining the group to the intense power which it's intended to be.

"This is our opportunity. We admire you to do the right thing. All Nigerians go along with me in saying to you, good luck. Much thanks to you and God be with all of you."
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