The Seven (7) legends in the world of Football…………

1. Lev Yashin
You may assume that goalkeepers dependably summoned their protection, fell off their line to block crosses and hurried out of the territory to challenge assailants. They didn't, and they do now to a great extent on account of Lev Yashin. He reevaluated the specialty of goalkeeping while at the same time playing for the Soviet Union and displayed this to the world at the 1958 World Cup. Dressed all in dark and known as the Black Panther, he was the star of the group, awing with his physicality. He was likewise an ace of sparing punishments, sparing 150 in his profession. He won the European Championship of 1960 and would show up in four World Cups. He likewise helped Dynamo Moscow win 5 Soviet League titles. Yashin is the main goalkeeper to win European Footballer of the Year (1963). He is a programmed pick in objective for each unequaled dream group and the World Cup grant for best goalkeeper is presently named after him.

2. Sir Bobby Charlton
Britain's most prominent ever player and still the record goalscorer for the two his nation and Manchester United until as of late as 2016. His club vocation is one of extraordinary individual triumph. He had recently solidified a place in the celebrated Busby Babes side, he was absolutely not their most prominent player, but rather was one of the not very many that at that point survived the Munich Air Disaster and kept on playing to his developing potential. He would go ahead to wind up skipper and key player for United, framing some portion of a 'sacred trinity' close by George Best and Denis Law. A forward that dropped once more into midfield he by the by kept up an imposing scoring record. He was two footed, equipped for beating a player and had an exceptional, loud shot, guaranteeing him numerous objectives from profound positions. From an early age he was likewise a key player for England. Subsequent to awing at the 1962 World Cup he would be his nation's persuasive player when they won the trophy in 1966, being named European Footballer of the Year that year. After two years he would win the European Cup with United, serving to let the phantoms to Munch go. In 1970 he proceeded with his amazing universal vocation, being named in the group of the competition regardless of his propelling age. He remains a United legend with a seat on the Board, and is an extraordinary worldwide represetative of the diversion

3. Michel Platini
France's motivation and the main player of European footballer in the early/mid 1980s. Platini was an assaulting midfielder with a goalscoring proportion that any striker would be pleased with. He was a rich passer of the ball and an incredible free-kick taker. He would lead and compose his group from midfield and his play demonstrated awesome knowledge. In the vicinity of 1983 and 1985 Platini drove his nation to triumph in the 1984 European Championships, won the European Cup with Juventus and was named European Footballer of the Year three times in progression. He inspired in both the 1982 and 1986 World Cups, achieving the semi-last and being named in the group of the competition on the two events. His most prominent minute was driving France to European triumph in 1984. He scored 9 objectives in the competition, and remains the rivalries record goalscorer, in spite of playing in just a single competition.

4. Zinedine Zidane
One of the best midfielders the diversion has ever known. Zidane played with such style, vision and eminent procedure that when a film was made comprising exclusively of moderate movement film of him playing in one amusement it was considered altogether important as bit of workmanship. In the 1998 World Cup Zidane succeeded where Platini had beforehand fizzled, winning the trophy to end up noticeably a binding together image for his nation. In truth he had not completely satisfied his notoriety until the point that the Final when he rose to the event and scored twice to lift the trophy, despite the fact that Brazil had issues of their own that day. Zidane's most prominent minute for France came two years after the fact in Euro 2000 when he was the undisputed star of the opposition and the persuasive player driving France to triumph. After both he and his nation baffled in both the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004 he amazed the world with an Indian summer in 2006, turning into the player of the competition and out of the blue taking France to the Final. Sick train has dependably been a piece of his amusement however; he missed a few World Cup recreations because of suspension. This would cost him and his nation in the 2006 Final, his last ever diversion, when he was sent off for head-butting Marco Materazzi, and France lost. By this point he had just been named player of the competition.

5. Diego Maradona
There may be several legends on this list that have led their teams to win the World Cup but no other can claim to have done this single-handedly to the extent that Diego Maradona did in 1986, scoring five goals and making five assists in seven games. The Argentina team of that year included a few very good players (Valdano, Burruchago) but they were by no means a great team and would certainly not have won the trophy without Maradona. Playing in a free attacking midfield role he would pick up the ball from deep, beat players and set up chances with great vision, or often he would go on long dribbling runs and score spectacular individual goals by himself. Nowhere was this more apparent that his second goal in the quarter-final against England where he dribbled from his own half and scored. This is generally regarded as the greatest World Cup goal ever scored and perfectly captures his genius: creating chances from nothing and using mesmerising control to score spectacular goals.

6. Johann Cruyff
Johann Cruyff was an extraordinarily skilful and innovative player. He was additionally an extraordinary scholar about the amusement and pioneer on the pitch. He worked with his mentor Rinus Michels to build up the Total Football framework, in which players traded positions, assaulted with smoothness and guarded by shutting down space. Cruyff pulled the strings on the pitch to execute this incredible vision and went about as motivation to his group. An incredible dribbler, passer and goalscorer - so skilful that he built up his own particular move - the 'Cruyff turn' - he played with a verve and opportunity that was a delight to watch. Ostensibly a striker, he would likewise drop profound to sort out group and go about as playmaker.

7. Pele

Pele is and dependably will be the best footballer ever. It is a part he wears serenely. His play, loaded with bliss and richness, appears to total up everything that the world adores about the amusement and as he ventures to every part of the globe going about as its most noteworthy represetative his own legend is fortified. He is completely meriting this title however. He remains the main player to rouse his nation to win the World Cup twice: in 1958 and 1970 (damage finished his 1962 battle early). His partner Garrincha runs him close yet Pele was the unmistakable star of two groups, simply obscuring Garrincha in 1958. He was just 17 when he was presented in the 1958 competition in Sweden, he at that point scored a cap trap to enable his group to achieve the last and scored twice in the last itself. His tears at the last shriek demonstrated a mankind that charmed the watching scene to him from that point on. The next year he was named best player in the 1959 South American Championship, scoring 8 objectives. His cooperation was constrained by damage in the 1962 World Cup and Brazil were beaten by overwhelming handling in 1966. By 1970 he was cajoled out of his expected retirement to lead another, completely unique elite player group to wonderfulness. He played as an exemplary number 10, dropping back and participating in some flawless connection up play and exhibiting incredible vision - his go to an apparently concealed Carlos Alberto for the fourth objective in the 1970 Final remains the best lay-off ever. He could likewise beat players and score gaols in an incredible assortment of ways, demonstrating that he truly was the total forward. He remains Brazil's record goalscorer
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