The secret of Christiano Ronaldo………..

Christiano Ronaldo, five time ballon d’or player has come out to reveal that the secret of his success in life and career is dedication. He said He is dedicated to the extent He is not yet satisfy with the past achievement and even the present level that He is now.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a voracious footballing machine, something that he has appeared all through the most recent decade and he guarantees to proceed for a couple of more years at Real Madrid.

Nick Littlehales has these to say; “I was invited to Real Madrid when Carlo Ancelotti became manager. I was standing on the edge of the training pitch, talking to the Madrid staff, when Ronaldo ran over. He had been training all day and you would have expected him to run straight to the dressing room for a shower but he asked what we were discussing.
“He was interested in what I was trying to do because as an athlete he has always invested in himself. From what I have learned from working with him, Ronaldo is not interested in fad diets, he is not interested in copying others. The only thing he is concerned with is: does it work for him?”Thus, the secret behind his success is dedication, inquisitive, and learning how to sleep. We can as well learn one or two thing lesson from this man whose name has entered the book of history. 
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