The Role of the Church in Nigeria in Inter-tribal conflict......

The congregation in Nigeria is as of now confronting emergency due to religiosity and ancestral conflicts. The war between the herders and agriculturists is continuously making pressures and notwithstanding misconception among the political and religious pioneers.

 It takes a prophetic author not exclusively to foresee what was going to happen however to likewise go above and beyond to propose a path forward. It is the obligation of the Church to animate participation among men, by influencing herself to exhibit amidst the group." Through tranquil lecturing and quiet concurrence the Church goes about as ceremony of peace. In the event that I may include, where there is Church there is peace! The holy observance of Unity: The Church, as per Msgr. Ralph, "is the indication of the solidarity of men with God and of men with each other. This solidarity is showed and caused particularly by the Eucharist… The whole individuals of God are made one by this full union with Christ." The solidarity of the Church is the discovery of national solidarity. The present clashes in Nigeria depict the disunity of the Church. Specifically or in a roundabout way the solidarity of the Church influences the solidarity of the general public. An assembled country is indeed the product of a unified Church.

An agreeable society is in fact a tranquil society. Without congruity there will be no peace. The Church, as per Msgr. Nwosu, "conveys isolated and torn society to the mindfulness that individuals ought to have the capacity to live respectively, be focused on each other, and that they can just satisfy themselves as people in a quiet and agreeable community." The Church, as an operator of amicability, brings individuals from various cultures and even countries together. Without the Church there will be no concordance.

The Church, as indicated by Msgr. Nwosu, "is a genuine sign of solidarity of men with Christ and men among themselves." The Church remains the channel of solidarity. It is just in and inside the Church that one can discover men and ladies, youthful and old, rich and poor, all working and celebrating together for a typical decent and for the grandness of God. On the off chance that the Church in Nigeria joins together and enable herself to be utilized by God as a specialist of peace and channel of amicability and solidarity, I trust, the contentions and current frailty challenge in Nigeria will soon be a thing of the past, Peace will once again rein.
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