The Rise of Nigerian Youth

The present pickle of our nation really demonstrates that the answer for the issue of the country isn't "Understanding". On the off chance that experience would have been the arrangement, at that point I figure our older folks ought to have given an answer for what Nigerians are experiencing at this pivotal season.
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In actuality, may I reveal to us that the adventure behind the formation of Nigeria as a nation isn't because of experience; let me convey this to our notice (the same number of us that don't have a clue) or as an update (for those that definitely know). Significant Gen. Ibrahim babangida was 25 when he started to run as head of state, Major Gen. Sani Abacha was just 23 when he started to administer as head of state. Moreover, Gen. Musa Yar'adua was likewise 23 when he administered; Olusegun Obasanjo was 29 while the present president Mohammodu Buhari was just 24 when they initially controlled our awesome nation as head of state. The vast majority of the military governors who administered the states then under the progressive military administrations were under 30 years. The presence of Nigeria as a nation up till now evidence that they have all done well in their young age. Presently, the inquiry is "Experiences truly added to their prosperity?", "Ages additionally added to their prosperity?" The appropriate response is NO! What really made them to succeed was their quality, knowledge and diligent work as an adolescent. The invert is the situation for the young of these days; they are careless, prepared to take the secondary lounge while they watch things being decimated. These whole age section that are specified above are today as yet resting in 3-seaters seats in their folks' home.
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