The Injury Prone Players in the world of football……..

Injury is an unavoidable truth for most competitors, however a few experts—and some end of the week warriors, so far as that is concerned—simply appear to be more Injury inclined than others. In any case, what is it about their bodies that make the bones, ligaments, and tendons a lot more liable to tear or strain—misfortune, or simply poor readiness?
When a player is being used consistently without any breaks, there is a possibility that fatigue set in and this fatigue eventually leads to what is called Injury. There is a special ability in different players and if players are being used beyond what they possess, their strength begins to fail them. Another reason why players are injure is because there is always a body contact during the training and even a real football matches, so it is possible that players are vulnerable to injury during this contact.
There are some players that are prone to injury in the world of football, they are listed below;
1. Andy Carroll {England, Westham}
2. Gareth Bale {Wales, Real Madrid}
3. Jack Wilshere {England, Arsenal}
4. Daniel Sturridge {England, Liverpool}
5. Thomas Vermaelen {Belgium, Barcelona}
6. Vincent Kompany {Belgium, Manchester City}
7. Danny Welbeck {England, Arsenal}
8. Santi Cazorla {Spain, Arsenal}
9. Kieran Gibbs {England, Westbrom}
10. Argen Robben {Netherland, Bayern Munich} and other………

Nevertheless, it is important for the coaches to know the ability of each player so that they will not be put into any condition that might not be favourable to individual players. If coaches can do justice to that, the players above players will come out strong in the nearest future because some of them still have a bright future ahead of them.
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