Ten (10) players that went from Zero to Hero


Lebron James is undoubtedly the best player in the NBA at the moment and is one of the best players in history. However, he wasn’t destined for greatness right from birth. James was born to a 16-year old mother who raised him on her own. Life was a struggle throughout his childhood, as he and his mother moved from apartment to apartment while she tried to find solid work. James ended up moving in with a football coach when he was nine years old for a more stable environment.


Ronaldo was born in Portugal, where his mother was a cook and his father was a gardener. His family grew up in poverty and less than ideal conditions. In fact, Ronaldo shared a jingle room with his brother and two sisters. He claims that they had very little and that he never had any toys. Ronaldo also had a rough time growing up. He was well liked in school, but got in major trouble at school and was eventually expelled for throwing a chair at his teacher.


Caron Butler was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin and suffered through a rough and impoverished childhood. As he got older, things continually got worse and worse. He got into drug dealing by age 11, due to this dire situation, and was arrested 15 times before the age of 15. It was during a lengthy stay at a detention centre that he re-discovered his love for basketball. He was eventually successful enough to be able to secure a scholarship at UConn and the rest is history.


Diego Maradona is legendary in world football, for both his skill and his off-field issues, as he, along with Lionel Messi, are arguably the two best players to ever come out of Argentina. Maradona was raised near Buenos Aires with a very poor family. Maradona was actually one of eight kids, who all shared one room together. He had incredible passion for soccer from a very young age and was eventually able to work his way out of an incredibly difficult situation.


Pele is generally viewed as one of the best football players ever and is a flat out legend in the game. Pele was conceived in Tres Coracoes, Brazil. His dad was likewise an expert soccer player, however neglected to acquire a strong living with it, in this way the family lived in neediness. Indeed, even in this ruined childhood, Pele built up a genuine ability for soccer and in the end discovered out of destitution. Pele in reality initially took in the game by playing soccer with a moved up sock, loaded down with old clothes.


Novak Djokovic is the present number one tennis player on the planet, who's won incalculable competitions and majors. Djokovic was conceived in Serbia amid a period of a war and neediness in the nation. He was brought up in Belgrade amid a portion of the most exceedingly awful years in that city's beset history. His folks did their best to give Novak and his sibling a simple life, yet amid their opportunity in Belgrade they survived two wars. Because of that, on occasion, they didn't approach things like drain or bread.


Mathieu is an at present with the Arizona Cardinals, however he may be best known for his different off the field issues at LSU. Nonetheless, what a great many people don't know is that he likewise had a harsh childhood. His natural father has been missing, as he's been imprisoned for the total of Mathieu's life after he was discovered liable of murder and his mom was not an appropriate parental figure. The greater part of this at last prompted Mathieu living with his close relative and uncle for the vast majority of his years.


Serge Ibaka was conceived in Brazzaville, Congo as one of 18 youngsters destined to his folks. Ibaka utilized ball as an escape from a youthful age to remove his brain from his mom's inauspicious passing and his dad's detainment that occurred amid the Second Congo War. After various endeavors to make tracks in an opposite direction from the Congo, Ibaka at last moved to Europe at 17 years old.


Michael Oher is one of the more well known stories on this rundown. His life was the impact behind the film "The Blind Side," featuring Sandra Bullock which won various honors. He was conceived in Memphis, Tennessee into a devastated family of 12 youngsters, in which his mom was a junkie and his dad was oftentimes in jail. He was put all through the child care framework and was even destitute for a period until the point when he was inevitably embraced into a cherishing family.


Knowshon Moreno, who's presently without a NFL group, had one of the roughest childhoods allied history. Moreno was conceived in the Bronx to an unmarried, youthful couple. There was very little soundness in the family unit and in the end Moreno wound up living basically with his dad. With cash short, the two regularly went from destitute asylum to destitute safe house just to survive. He lived like this for the primary decade of his life, until the point that his grandma fortunately received him and offered him some genuinely necessary security.
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