See the Position Arsenal Team needs to be reinforced

Arsenal without a doubt did not have what it takes to win the premier league, yet as things stand, maybe a couple of quality players need to land for Wenger's side to finish at the top four of the table as the league is rounding up. In the beginning XI, guarded midfield emerges as the principle shortcoming, while in assault, a demonstrated winger or striker would help take Arsenal to the following level. Having spent over £80 million in the mid-year, Wenger will be hesitant to use up every last cent in this exchange window and add to the squad so that the trouble in endeavouring to locate the right players previously the month closes. Be that as it may, upgrades can, and should be made before Arsenal end their 13-year sit tight for the title.

Stockpile are very nearly something extraordinary with the squad they have, yet to what extent will that truism be rehashed before they once secure the title? Wenger is probably not going to make any huge signings in this exchange window, a choice that a few supporters will concur with - however to end up noticeably the best group in the nation, a touch greater quality is required in key positions; the chance to add to the squad has arrived, so for what reason not take it?
The first position Arsenal needs to reinforce is the defensive line. With Petr Cech, a veteran goalkeeper supported by David Ospina, Arsenal have no worries at the goalkeeping line. The defensive line must be reinforced with one or two players, not just any defender but a very strong defensive player of high reputation capable of reducing the vulnerability of the team at the counter attack.

Another position where the team needs to be reinforced is the defensive midfield; this is also the defensive line. Right from time, Coquelin has been contributing his quota in this position but needs to be supported by a good defensive midfielder who will be able to control the defensive area of the team. If Arsenal can get three or more players at this strategic position, they will not only be among the top four in the premier league but also becomes one of the title contenders.

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