How These Nigerian Women Are Cashing In On Social Media

Social Media is changing how the world functions and no place is that more obvious than in a standout among the most crowded urban communities on the planet: Lagos.

In this clamoring Nigerian city of an expected 23 million individuals, around 10 million are younger than 25 and their numbers are rising quickly.

As per worldwide research firm We are social, more than 15 million Nigerians utilize social media.

More than 80% of that number are youngsters between the ages of 13 and 39.

With mass joblessness in Nigeria achieving a pinnacle of 18.8% in the second from last quarter of 2017, technically knowledgeable and progressively very much associated youngsters have grasped social media and, all the while, another age of prominent and generously compensated identities have developed.

The following are a portion of the ladies who have struck social media gold.

Linda Ikeji: From prattle blogger to media Mogul
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Shrewd, engaged and enthusiastic about her work, Ikeji says she needs to be the Oprah Winfrey of Africa.

Ikeji, who began her social media profession with talk blogging, is presently assembling one of Nigeria's greatest private TV stations with Linda Ikeji TV.

"Something that drives a business to succeed is energy and I am so energetic about what I do," she says.

"Individuals like gossip since it is amazingly individual," she says. "They like the genuineness, how genuine it is, the manner by which human… "
In any case, Ikeji needs to do considerably more than prattle blogging or owning a media realm. She needs to move other young ladies to have confidence in themselves.

"There's still so much I need to do that I haven't done however I'm trusting my story, my life can rouse other young ladies to go out there and battle for their fantasies."

Sisi Yemmie: The vlogger welcoming her watchers into her home
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She offers her group of onlookers a look into her home life, sharing her most loved formulas and her families different preferences. She has developed an expansive after that has brands connecting for cooperation.

It's a fragile business, making her own life so open. Be that as it may, it's one that Sisi Yemmie sees extremely well.

"I'm a way of life blogger," she says. "What I demonstrate is the thing that it is. I don't have time for phoniness. I don't have sufficient energy to make what isn't there."

Be that as it may, with this weakness comes an awareness of other's expectations. Sisi Yemmie knows she must be key about what she shares; she needs to think about her crowd constantly.

"I understand there's a duty that accompanies this stage I have, and now I am constantly extremely cautious what I say.

"I need to consider not only my gathering of people; I need to consider brands and joint efforts."

Chiamaka Obuekwe: The movement blogger who goes off the beaten track
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She says her essence on social media has made it a considerable measure less demanding to interface with individuals who are searching for energizing spots to go in Nigeria.

"Ten years prior, we needed to go way to-entryway sharing our pamphlets… Now we should simply to put a post out on Instagram and in ten minutes individuals are dm'ing us."

She's one of the numerous Nigerians who, propelled by Linda Ikeji, look to capitalize on the plenteous open doors on social media.

Media magnate Linda Ikeji figures the mystery of their prosperity can be found in a certain something: their sexual orientation.

"Ladies are better storytellers," Ikeji says.
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