Do you think Donald Trump is a Racist?

Donald Trump, president of the United states of America has been accused all over the social medias even across the globe that He is a racist mainly because of the statement He made towards the Haiti president and even Africans in particular saying “Africans are shitholes”. Right from time, Donald trump was accused to be critical about Africans in general, this made majority believed that the president of the United States is a racist. Some people take it up to the extent of saying that the statement made by Trump during the campaign (fellow Americans, let us make America great again), was not really true. Some said, that what He meant was that “fellow Americans, let us make America white again”. To this allegation, it does not really worth it. Although, during the campaign, He promised to deport every illegal immigrant majorly Africans especially Nigerians but reverse is the case when He eventually became united states president. It was also on the headlines that He made an America-based Nigerian one of his special advisers. What should we call that?

It is high time African leaders began to rise and take responsibilities. Let them begin to uphold the good legacy African heroes like Nelson Mandela, Obafemi Awolowo had left behind. Let them know that leadership is not Rulership but service. Let them begin to invest in the youths, they must be empowered because the future of the country lies in their hands.

Nevertheless, it is not wisdom if the masses continue to ponder on what Trump has said but Leaders and individual in present day Africa need to rise to prove a point that what Trump said is wrong not only in words but in Action.
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