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The World Bank is an imperative wellspring of monetary and specialized help to creating nations around the globe.

We are not a bank in the conventional sense but rather a one of a kind organization to decrease neediness and bolster advancement.

The World Bank Group involves five establishments oversaw by their part nations.

Destitution has no fringes. Neither does brilliance.

Along these lines, we ceaselessly look for the brightest, most skilled people from around the world.

What's more, we are glad to utilize a devoted and conferred workforce that is various in sexual orientation, nationality, and foundation.

Chipping away at our central goal of neediness easing can be exceptionally fulfilling, things being what they are, would you say you are prepared to influence World Bank To bunch an extraordinary place to begin your profession?

On the off chance that yes, click apply.

Expected set of responsibilities

The chose competitor will be situated in Abuja and is relied upon to have mastery in no less than two of the vehicle sub-divisions, including urban transport, streets, railroads, coordinations framework (cargo), and transport passageways. Specifically, the Senior Transport Specialist will:

Lead and deal with various transport operations at each phase of the undertaking cycle for loaning (readiness, evaluation, usage, and fruition);

Oversee existing activities identified with transport network and coordinations framework;

Add to approach exchange to improve the capacity of customers to react to rising issues;

Start PPP-drove exercises and construct long haul business associations with national and nearby government partners, private segment and improvement accomplices, through arrangement discourse, vital interchanges, and exceed; and

Take an interest in information sharing exercises and staff coaching.

Obligations and Accountabilities

T&I Practice might want to enlist a Senior Transport Specialist to help with getting ready and supporting the execution of the vehicle portfolio in Nigeria. The essential destinations of the task will be to:

Lead, oversee and take an interest in errand groups to get ready and administer specialized help and warning exercises especially in transport building, transport passageways, coordinations framework, and transport approach with an attention on Nigeria;

Lead dialogs on empowering arrangement intercessions in Nigerian transport segment, National Transport Policy, and utilization of confirmation based arranging. Take an interest in the approach exchange, together with other improvement accomplices, under the direction of the Practice Manager;

Lead and partake in the supervision of transport extends under execution basically in Nigeria. The chose hopeful is required to give specialized skill amid execution of progressing transport ventures. The hopeful will lead visit field visits to extend locales crosswise over Nigeria, and survey continuous works, and have discourse with partners, partners in the nation and in the area.

Grow new business openings in the Transport division in Nigeria and Southern Africa locale by recognizing key need territories for engagement including network, halls' upgrades, urban portability (BRTA) and coordinations parks/center points utilizing PPP Frameworks;

Start exchange with partners on inventive coordinations arrangements, share worldwide involvement with cargo streams and coordinations arrangements. Give valid bits of knowledge and offer best practice on vital changes in street/rail and oceanic transport, port administration, multimodal choices and cargo coordinations. Show appraisal of market potential utilizing multimodal transport framework and street/rail cargo;

Advance the interest of the private division in the financing and conveyance of transport coordinations work and passage changes;

Lead and take an interest in getting ready new loaning ventures. The applicant is required to deal with a segment of the Bank's vehicle portfolio in Nigeria including the planning of one/two new operations for every year, and bolster other venture groups amid arrangement and execution of continuous activities. The emphasis ought to stay on part specialized issues extending from strategy change, hall availability and transport coordinations, general institutional setups, and PPP-drove activities, yet in addition those that may surface because of customer request and need.

Help nation groups in incorporating the Transport motivation in the Country Partnership Strategy and large scale exchange, lead as well as give basic contributions to the outline and execution of approach and research activities, and consider and advance developments in segment arrangements and procedures in the territory of transport;

Take part in proficient advancement and learning sharing exercises in the vehicle area and contribute particular information both inside the alloted nation and in the Bank;

Working with the different Global Solution Groups and Community of Practices, help create information items/preparing exercises to enhance best practices in the vehicle segment both inside and outside the Bank; and

Give instructing and at work tutoring to junior colleagues in the unit.


Ace's or higher degree in Transport Engineering, Transport Economics, Logistics Management, Civil Engineering, as well as other related controls in addition to no less than 12 years of pertinent involvement in the need territories of the vehicle sub-segments said above.

Strong experience of taking a shot at the outline and usage of ventures and explanatory work in zones managing the vehicle division, with profound and wide understanding and strong foundation in at least two of the accompanying regions: transport approach and arranging, hallway joining, exchange and travel assistance, coordinations framework (coordinations parks, cargo coordinations), urban/country transport for horticultural efficiency, development focuses (SEZs), interest of the private area and open private organizations, and multimodal transportation framework;

Involvement in driving ASA extends about universal and national transport arrangement, technique, foundations and direction as they identify with Nigerian transport division;

Recognition with Bank Analytical work and operations and also encounters in supporting customers in starting and executing programs/ventures with advancement affect;

Shown track record in driving and conveying great yields in a tight time plans and in testing nation conditions. Demonstrated capacity to interpret specialized and crosscountry learning into reasonable applications;

Solid hierarchical aptitudes, and in addition the capacity to organize undertakings and guarantee auspicious fulfillment of assignments under strain;

Exhibited capacity to oversee multi-disciplinary groups, including creating, training, controlling and tutoring staff; supervision of firms and experts and settling clashes considering social sensitivities;

Solid composed and oral relational abilities, with exhibited capacity of making successful introductions to different gatherings of people;

Great charge of English talking and composing is fundamental; and

Experience of working in the Africa district and information of Nigeria would be an or more.

WBG Competencies

Information and Experience in Development Arena: Translates specialized and crosscountry learning into handy applications and commitments to nation and segment techniques; communications with customers, partners at the approach level is fundamental.

Approach Dialog Skills: Anticipates needs and demands in the field and directs free arrangement talks with agents of the administration, givers, and non-government accomplices.

Integrative Skills: Understands pertinent cross-sectoral regions how they are interrelated; ready to attempt cross-sectoral work in loaning and non-loaning operations.

Transport Policy, Strategy, and Institutions: Solid comprehension of transport arrangements, methodologies, organizations, and directions with regards to Nigeria and the Region. Clear comprehension of PPP structures and appropriateness in the vehicle coordinations exercises are required.

Transport Engineering and Logistics, ICT: Extensive involvement with transport building and coordinations foundation with capacity to apply information to arrangement related choices and exhortation.

Customer Orientation: Maintains customer connections notwithstanding clashing requests or headings and gives prove construct exhortation and arrangements situated in light of sound finding and information.

Drive for Results: Identifies the required assets to achieve comes about including various partners and discovers answers for deterrents influencing key expectations.

Cooperation (Collaboration) and Inclusion: Shows authority in guaranteeing the group remains sorted out and centered, and effectively looks for and thinks about different thoughts and methodologies.

Information, Learning and Communication: Leads in the sharing of best practice, patterns, learning and lessons learned crosswise over units and with customers and accomplices, articulating thoughts verbally and in writing in an unmistakable and convincing path crosswise over groups of onlookers of shifted levels.

Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making: Gathers inputs, evaluates hazard, considers affect and expresses advantages of choices for inside and outside partners over the long haul.


The World Bank Group is focused on accomplishing assorted variety as far as sexual orientation, nationality, culture and instructive foundation. People with inabilities are similarly urged to apply.

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest certainty

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